At Lovett Dental Heights, we prioritize preventative dental care because we believe it is better to prevent these issues from happening than to treat them once they have already arisen. At the same time, we do handle acute needs as well. One of the most common reasons why our patients come to see us involves teeth grinding. Also known as bruxism, this can lead to serious complications if it is not addressed appropriately. When it comes to the grinding of teeth, we are here to help you if you live in Texas. Learn more about this common dental issue below and how our dental specialists can help.

How Does Teeth Grinding Happen?

woman with a mouthguard for teeth grindingThere are some people who might be wondering how teeth grinding happens in the first place. Ultimately, there are numerous causes available, and every case of bruxism is slightly different. Some people tend to grind their teeth while they are awake. Usually, this happens in response to situations where someone is nervous. For example, if someone is about to get in front of the microphone and speak to a large audience, they may grind their teeth to calm themselves down.

In other cases, people grind their teeth during their sleep. Even though this might happen because of something they are dreaming about, the causes are still being researched. Ultimately, regardless of why someone grinds their teeth, it is important to stop it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, this could lead to major complications.

What Are the Risks Associated with Teeth Grinding?

You may feel like your teeth are durable. Therefore, you might feel like this isn’t a major problem. In reality, bruxism can be serious. Some of the most common risks tied to this issue include:

  • You may develop something called a teeth grinding headache. This is similar to a tension headache, which develops when you place a tremendous amount of stress on the muscles of the jaw, face, and scalp. When you grind your teeth regularly, that is exactly what happened. Therefore, you might develop a teeth grinding headache.
  • You can also cause serious damage to your teeth. Even though it is true that your enamel is strong, it is also true that sustained pressure in the form of teeth grinding can cause you to grind your teeth down to nothing. Obviously, we want to prevent this from happening by treating it quickly.
  • Teeth grinding will also place a significant amount of stress on the jaw itself. In some cases, this could move your teeth out of alignment or lead to structural issues involving your mouth.

At Lovett Dental Heights, we can help you comprehensively treat bruxism today.

Lovett Dental Heights’ Treatment for Teeth Grinding During Sleep

If you come to see us for help with teeth grinding in sleep, we are going to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that has been tailored to meet your needs. This usually takes the form of a nightguard. A night guard will be developed specifically for your mouth. First, we are going to take a mold of your teeth. Then, we will use this to create a night car that has been specially designed for your teeth, jaw, and mouth. When you wear this guard at night, you can prevent your teeth from being ground down.

Contact Lovett Dental Heights Today for Help with Bruxism

If you are looking for assistance with the grinding of teeth and live in Texas, we are here to help you. At Lovett Dental Heights, we always place the needs of our patients first. We will take a look at your exact dental needs and develop a strategy that has been designed to meet them. To schedule an appointment with a dentist from our office, please contact us today at 832-767-2210. We look forward to meeting you.