Tooth extractions are never a fun event. Whether it’s from decay, damage to your mouth, a wisdom tooth removal, or any number of other potential causes, dental extractions in Heights, TX, is sometimes a necessary procedure. Leading up to the big day can bring a lot of stress as many understandably worry about what it’s going to be like when a doctor extracts a tooth. In order to help put some of those fears to rest and to help you gear up for the procedure, here are three ways to prepare for tooth extractions in Heights, TX, ahead of oral surgery.

Book Your Tooth Extractions in Heights, TX, With a High-Quality Dental Center

patient in need of Tooth ExtractionsBefore a doctor extracts your tooth, you need to set the date for the procedure. After all, most orthodontists won’t let you just walk in and have an extraction like regular teeth¬†cleaning session. For most people, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon. If you’ve yet to make an appointment, you can do this by simply locating a reliable orthodontist and calling in to book. Places like Lovett Dental excel in these sorts of procedures and many others. Our services include:

Discuss Details With a Dentist Prior to Having Tooth Extractions in Heights, TX

It’s important to discuss with your dentist before your tooth extraction in order to ensure a safe procedure and speedy recovery. In addition to asking questions about the procedure itself (how long it will take, what kind of anesthesia doctors use, things to do after the procedure, etc.), you should also make it a point to share any important medical information. This would include things like prescription medications or drugs you’ve been taking, any history of heart or liver diseases, your susceptibility to bacterial infections due to a weak immune system, and things of that nature.

These factors can greatly affect what you’ll need to do before and after the extraction. You may be at risk of infection if you have other health issues. You could also develop a condition called dry socket. Better safe and oversharing than sorry.

Prepare at Home for Tooth Extractions in Heights, TX

In general, there isn’t much you would personally need to do in the time leading up to your Heights, TX, extractions. Outside of a doctor prescribing antibiotics to counteract an immunodeficiency and decrease your risk of infection after the procedure, you can generally continue to do all the things you normally would. Brush your teeth twice a day as recommended. If your tooth that the doctor plans to extract is sensitive, you can avoid brushing this area.

To keep that area clean, you can swish your mouth with a warm salt-water solution. This is a practice you’ll need to do following the extraction so that you can keep the empty socket clean. It would also be a good idea to avoid sugary foods during this time. The reason you should avoid sugary foods is to prevent decay in the areas you won’t be brushing for the time being and for general tooth health. Obviously, you should also follow any instructions your doctor gives you.

Tooth health is serious business. As a result, the general attitudes around things like tooth extractions can feel just as serious if not a bit scary. If you need dental extractions in Heights, TX, learn about these three ways to prepare before your procedure to help calm your nerves and get yourself ready for the extraction.

To learn more about tooth extractions or to book an appointment for one, contact Lovett Dental in Heights, TX, at 832-767-2210 today. We provide all sorts of cutting-edge dental services from routine cleanings to oral surgery, and we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about our services.