woman smiles with care from lovett dental heightsOur patients love many things about Lovett Dental Heights. These include our ability to treat most dental needs under one roof and how we consider patient comfort and convenience important. Of course, everyone loves our easy insurance acceptance and payment terms, too.

Lovett Dental Heights in Houston wants to be your family’s dental practice, too. After all, everything we do focuses on helping you achieve your best oral health and most attractive smiles. So take some time to learn more about Lovett Dental Heights and contact our dental practice today to schedule an appointment.

Multiple Dental Specialists at One Location

Your Lovett Dental Heights practice provides general dentistry and six types of dental specialists, all at one dentistry location. These specialists meet all of your oral health and smile improvement needs. Learn more about these Lovett Dental Heights services here and call us to schedule a consultation.

The dentistry specialists at Lovett Dental Heights include:

Your specialists in Houston dental care at Lovett Dental Heights provide a range of dental services that use the latest technology and most advanced techniques. You can trust our board-certified professionals for your teeth cleanings, dental exams, root canal therapy, oral surgery, gum disease treatment, veneers, and dental implants. All of these services take place in the practice where you feel relaxed and welcomed as a part of the Lovett Dental Heights family.

Anxiety-Free Dental Care

Relaxing, anxiety-free dental care is one of the things patients enjoy most about Lovett Dental Heights. Here at our Houston dental practice, we ensure you feel well-informed, welcomed, and comfortable. We also ensure we communicate well with you and take time to understand your smile goals.

A big part of relaxing dentistry is knowing what to expect from your treatment. We understand you need to know which treatments you need, what to expect, and how much they will cost.

Of course, one of the most stressful parts of dentistry is how you will afford your treatment. One of our patients’ favorite aspects of our practice is the affordability we provide through insurance acceptance, financing methods, and easy payment options. Through convenient payment terms and other financial plans, you can feel great about Lovett Dental Heights treatments, as well.

Convenient hours of operation for your dental care also enable you to feel more relaxed when arriving at the dentist’s office. Lovett Dental Heights provides dental treatment services six days per week, Monday through Saturday. You also can take advantage of early morning appointments before work and late appointments as you wrap up your daily responsibilities.

As a result of a relaxing dental experience, you keep up with your twice-yearly visits for routine checkups, teeth cleanings, and other preventive care. Through your dentist’s help and early diagnosis of dental problems, you avoid the inconvenience, discomfort, and stress of bigger dental issues down the road.

More to Love About Lovett Dental Heights

At Lovett Dental Heights, we care about our patients. We want to help you love your smile as much as we do, too. Providing the services you need with convenience in a relaxing environment means you enjoy going to the dentist, and taking care of your oral health can help your overall well-being.

Some of the services that we offer at Lovett Dental Heights include:

Become part of the Lovett Dental Heights family today by calling 832-767-2210. Learn more about Lovett Dental Heights and the services we offer to understand how we help you love your smile.