At Lovett Dental Heights, we provide patients with most types of oral surgery procedures. If your dentist has indicated you need a more advanced level of care for a specialized dental procedure, you can depend on our experienced, dedicated professionals to help you.

oral surgery being performedSafe, Effective Oral Surgery

When choosing a provider for oral surgery, it is critical to select someone with ample experience and training. An oral surgeon has a higher level of training and education than a typical dentist. Our maxillofacial surgeon is surgically trained. After completing standard dentistry education, an oral surgeon completes a hospital-based residency program. This takes about four years to complete after graduating from dental school. These surgeons also have experience in areas such as internal medicine, anesthesiology, and general surgery, preparing them for more advanced and invasive procedures.

You can depend on our team at Lovett Dental Heights. With years of experience and ongoing training in the most innovative dental procedures, we have the ability to ensure your oral health needs are always met.

Do You Need Oral Surgery?

The first step is to speak to your general dentistry provider in our office for a formal consultation and exam. From there, we’ll talk to you about the options available for treating your dental needs. This could include treatment that is less invasive in some cases. If you need oral surgery, we can schedule that for you right away.

You may need oral surgery for conditions such as:

If you have been told you need surgery for these or other conditions, we recommend speaking to our team today. We have extensive experience covering all these areas. Also, we can guide you through the process of answering your questions and addressing your concerns. What we strive for are your comfort and health.

What Happens if You Need Surgery?

If you need to have oral surgery, we will set a time for the procedure. Your dental surgeon will discuss your case with you openly. You’ll know what to expect, including how to prepare for your procedure, what will happen during it, and what your expected recovery will be. We’ll talk to you about any downtime you may need, too.

One of the concerns many of our clients have is about anesthesia. Our goal is to ensure that – no matter what type of treatment you need – you do not have pain or discomfort. That is why we offer comprehensive options for sedation dentistry and anesthesia. This includes local anesthesia, IV therapy, and, for the more complex cases, general anesthesia. In each situation, we will provide you with the most comprehensive support during the procedure.

Each member of our oral surgery team is a professional you can depend on. We will ensure your airway management, intubation, and IV lines are all maintained properly. We also have the ability to handle any type of complications that could arise. We’re happy to talk to you about each one of these risks when you give us a call or come in for your appointment. You can depend on us to ensure you get the best possible results.

Get Help for Your Oral Surgery Needs at Lovett Dental Heights

Choose Lovett Dental Heights for your oral surgery needs. Our experienced and trusted team is here to help you. Not only can we provide general dentistry to both adults and families but we can provide cosmetic services alongside our specialty services. So, no matter your needs, we can help you. Schedule a consultation by calling 832-767-2210. Don’t put off your oral health.