Clear aligners are a type of bracing technology designed to help align your teeth into the proper position. That’s essential for improving your ability to bite and chew. Clear aligner trays are different from braces in that they do not attach to the tooth’s surface. For teeth straightening, they work to apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into the right position. At Lovett Dental Heights, our team of orthodontics works closely with you to ensure this is the best option for you.

Why Choose Clear Aligners for Teeth Straightening?

example of clear alignersWhen you come in to see our orthodontic team, we’ll provide full X-rays and really understand what is happening with your teeth. Clear aligners can be used in both children and adults who need teeth straightening. These aligners can be very effective at moving your teeth into their proper location. They also offer other benefits:

  • The clear aligner trays are hard to see once in place.
  • Aligners do not hurt, as braces can sometimes cause discomfort.
  • They are very effective at moving the teeth properly.
  • Because they are customized and digitally designed, they tend to work faster than other products.
  • You can remove them for pictures, brushing, and flossing.
  • Clear aligners are very durable and easy to care for in most cases.

If you know you need teeth straightening, but you do not want braces, this can be one of the best solutions for you.

How Do Clear Aligner Trays Move Teeth?

It may not seem like placing clear aligner trays into your mouth can really create benefits. Yet, these trays are specially designed to apply just the right amount of pressure to each of your teeth to get them to shift, slowly and over time, into the right space.

When you come in to learn more about clear aligners, we’ll discuss how they work. You will get to see what they look like and feel the material. They are made from acrylic, which is very comfortable in the mouth. Once there, they are working for you to move those teeth.

Over a period of a few weeks, you will come back in for an adjustment. Unlike braces, there is no tightening of these aligners. Instead, new clear aligner trays are made with the new desired pressure created. The process is straightforward and efficient. You may need to do this process several times until your teeth are in the proper position. The length of time depends greatly on the amount of work to be done.

Should You Really Invest in Teeth Straightening?

Improving your smile through teeth straightening is worthwhile. There are many advantages to doing so, including:

  • Better alignment means better biting ability
  • Chewing becomes easier
  • There’s less risk of early tooth decay
  • You’re improving the way your smile looks
  • Speaking becomes easier

For all of these reasons, you must invest in teeth straightening. If you are unsure if clear aligner trays are the right way for you to do this, reach out to our team. We offer other specialty treatment options that may help as well.

Clear aligner trays may be an option for those who want fast, reliable teeth straightening. This is one of the most innovative options available for those seeking to straighten their teeth. It works for children and many adults without the pain and discomfort of other products.

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Clear aligners could be just what you need to have confidence in your smile again. Our team at Lovett Dental Heights provides numerous teeth straightening solutions that may help you. To learn more about clear aligner trays or these other options, reach out to us for a consultation. Contact Lovett Dental Heights today at 832-767-2210 today to get the process started.