People often wait until it is too late before getting the help they need for oral issues. However, it shouldn’t take a dental emergency to get you in a dentist’s chair. Sure, you may be going to your dentist twice a year for a check-up and dental cleanings, but are you really doing all you can to care for your teeth? Maintaining good dental hygiene is more than brushing and flossing regularly; it’s knowing when something may be wrong. Therefore, if you find yourself waking up with headaches, jaw pain, or earaches, it is time to see your dental professional at Lovett Dental Heights. Don’t put off seeing to your oral health.

Bruxism: A Good Reason to Use Nightguardsexample of nightguards

Millions of people experience some form of sleep bruxism. Studies have found kids suffer from sleep bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding, more frequently than adults. However, a significant number of adults also have to deal with bruxism at night. But bruxism isn’t only a nighttime phenomenon. Though much less common than nighttime grinding, some individuals experience bruxism while awake. Daytime bruxism consists of clenching and grinding teeth and seems to affect those with higher than average anxiety and stress levels. Whether occurring at night or during the day, bruxism can lead to many medical problems.

Signs You May Be Grinding Your Teeth at Night

Most people who grind their teeth first learn they have a problem from a partner or a parent. It is very easy to miss the early signs of teeth grinding, and it is only after a long period that more obvious ones show up. A few of the more noticeable indicators include:

  • Sensitive teeth, especially when eating hot or cold foods.
  • Bite marks on the tongue or chewing damage to the inner cheeks.
  • Pain in the jaw or headaches.

But a dental examination can help identify teeth grinding at a much earlier stage through telltale tooth wear and oral damage. The sooner you start preventing bruxism, the better. Luckily, night guards for bruxism are a simple solution to this serious problem.

Are You Suffering From a TMJ Disorder?

Although the exact cause of a TMJ disorder is challenging to pin down, it seems to occur more frequently in women. However, millions of Americans have the disorder. TMJ can cause pain and stiffness in the jaw. Also, TMJ can lead to a misaligned bite that can cause people with TMJ to grind their teeth. Nightguards for TMJ can correct this issue.

Despite what you may have heard, popping or clicking of the jaw is not a sure-fire sign of TMJ, but these are:

  • The inability to entirely open or close the jaw.
  • Lingering soreness around the ears.
  • Experiencing difficult or painful chewing.

Visit your dentist if you notice any of the above symptoms.

The Cost of Nightguards Shouldn’t Keep You From Getting the Help You Need

You can find cheap night guards for bruxism or night guards for TMJ online. Unfortunately, these nightguards can’t match the quality that comes from a custom-fit nightguard from a dental professional. However, the good news is those high-end nightguards from a qualified dentist don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. Our staff can provide you the affordable dental you deserve. Lovett Dental Heights accepts a wide range of insurance and offers payment plans that make it possible to get the dental care you need.

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