Periodontal disease can cause a lot of pain and serious harm to your entire mouth. Gum cell grafting allows our periodontal dentists to fix these issues in effective and innovative ways. Severe gingivitis can have a lot of negative effects on your self-esteem, oral health, and comfort. Long ago, periodontal disease treatment was intensive and often painful. In severe cases, you may have needed an invasive surgical procedure. Now, regenerative dental procedures at Lovett Dental Heights helps people like you regain a new smile through innovation. We want to help you see the beautiful and healthy smile you once had before your gum disease.

older woman smiling after regenerative dental proceduresRegenerative Dental Procedures Help Gum Disease

We find in our patients that gum disease is fairly common. The two most common forms of gum disease are periodontitis and gingivitis. At Lovett Dental Heights, we used to have limited methods of treating these conditions. Standard procedures used to be osseous surgery and deep cleaning for mild cases. Now, there are grafting procedures we can perform to treat gum disease. There are also many other regenerative dental procedures that can help you see the healthy smile you once had. Some of these procedures include:

Safe, Effective Tissue Grafting

Our periodontists begin a tissue grafting procedure by removing a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth or in another location where there is healthy tissue. Attaching the tissue in your mouth helps improve the inflamed area where your gums have receded. There are three options when it comes to gum grafts. Our periodontist will decide if a free gingival graft, lateral graft, or connective tissue graft is best for you.

Gingival Grafts from Our Periodontist

Our periodontist can perform this procedure in a minimally invasive manner that leaves you feeling comfortable and gives the results you expect. Our periodontist removes a very small piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth. We numb the area through the use of local anesthesia. A small suture is all that’s needed to close the area where we remove some of your gum tissue.

At Lovett Dental Heights, our dentists perform this procedure on patients who have thin gums. We do this to help aid the gums in healing and halting recession.

Lateral Graft in Regenerative Dental Procedures

Our periodontist makes a small incision on the area right next to your gum recession. The periodontist creates a flap to cover your gum recession. This procedure is different from a free gingival graft in that local tissue covers the diseased gum. Our dentists at Lovett Dental Heights choose lateral grafts more often than any other periodontist, because of its high success rate. This procedure causes the least damage to your mouth and does not cut off blood flow. Healthy gum tissue must be present around the area for this procedure to work.

Regenerative Dental Procedures at Lovett Dental Heights

Our periodontist will perform a connective tissue graft in much the same way as with the free gingival skin graft. However, the connective tissue graft is a little more invasive. We create a small flap up on the roof of the mouth that is more invasive because we take tissue from under the top layer of your gum tissue. We place this tissue in the gum where needed.

A free consultation with one of our periodontists will allow you to learn whether a teeth cleaning or gum grafting procedure is necessary. Our periodontists bring quality care to patients. To get your free consultation from Lovett Dental Heights, call 832.780.4573.