In drastic cases, a patient may need to have an extraction for tooth pain relief. At Lovett Dental Heights, we prefer to do everything we can to preserve the integrity of our patients’ teeth. But our dentists have the knowledge and training to perform teeth extractions. Tooth pain is generally indicative of infection, decay, or damaged enamel. If you are currently in pain, we urge you to make an immediate visit to a dentist before the underlying condition worsens.

woman about to get teeth extractionsWhy You Might Need Teeth Extractions

Although pain is generally the most compelling reason most patients request an extraction, there are a few other reasons a dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. Our dentists typically perform tooth extractions in response to various conditions. These include:

  • Severe decay with irreparable damage
  • Gum disease that has spread to the ligaments and bone
  • Impacted teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Accidental injury

Even in severe cases, we will not proceed with tooth extraction unless there are no other viable treatment options available that can save the tooth and surrounding tissue. If we determine an extraction is necessary, we offer local anesthetic and sedation dentistry options to help you remain as relaxed and comfortable as possible during the procedure.

Types of Teeth Extractions

There are two types of tooth extractions. Depending on the condition and location of your tooth, your dentist may perform a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. If your tooth is above the gum line, we will perform a simple extraction. We generally use local anesthesia for simple extractions. However, if you have anxiety or require an alternative type of anesthetic, we also offer oral and IV sedation. In cases in which the patient’s tooth has not emerged above the gum line or if the tooth has broken pieces below the gum line, your dentist will perform a surgical extraction. In some cases, your dentist may break the affected tooth into several pieces to make surgical extraction easier. Our patients who come to us to receive surgical extraction for tooth pain relief also receive general anesthesia.

Safe, Effective Teeth Extractions in the Heights

Most patients would like to immediately pursue options for filling in the gap their extracted tooth has left behind. Although we offer several cutting-edge dental implant and denture options, we must first allow the underlying gum area to heal after an extraction. Prior to your tooth extraction, your dentist will discuss each option we offer to help you restore your smile. The amount of time required for recovery varies from case to case. Our team will also discuss your personal healing timeline with you and the pros and cons of each option for restoring your smile. You will know how much each method will cost.

For more information about how we perform extractions as well as financial information, contact our professional team to schedule an appointment for an exam and consultation. If you are in extreme pain, we respond quickly to treat the underlying damage or infection. Leaving a toothache unattended may lead to severe medical complications, including high fever and infection spreading to the brain. If your toothache is worsening or if you experience additional symptoms, do not delay in visiting a dentist or otherwise seeking immediate medical attention.

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