Malocclusion sounds like a scary diagnosis from your dentist. But, as the American Dental Association makes clear, this condition simply means misaligned teeth. With malocclusion, you can have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or other kinds of bite problems. At Lovett Dental Heights, we have extensive experience in correcting crossbites. We will provide the highest quality of orthodontic treatment to fix your problem and give you the smile of your dreams.

Correcting a Crossbite: Identifying a Problem

woman going in for Correcting CrossbiteYour dentist will identify whether you or your child needs treatment for a crossbite. In addition to crossbites, bite problems can include other irregular contacts between your lower and upper teeth. Not receiving corrective treatment means you or your child will continue to suffer from ineffective chewing and biting. This bite issue can eventually lead to broken teeth, decay, and tooth loss.

If your dentist sees bite problems through dental X-rays and visual exams, you will receive a referral to our orthodontist. Through proper orthodontic care and teeth straightening, you will soon achieve a balanced, properly aligned bite for better dental and physical health.

People with malocclusions often see a hereditary pattern in their family for these bite problems. Other causes include improper timing of your permanent teeth. This means your adult teeth come in before your baby ones fall out.

More About Correcting Crossbite

Thumb sucking and mouth breathing also lead to these bite problems. Thumb sucking actually decreases a child’s palate width, sometimes causing deformity in the upper palate bone. In growing children, mouth breathing positions the tongue unnaturally moves away from the upper palate, where it should rest. This results in a small upper jaw and misaligned teeth.

Types of crossbites include anterior and posterior. Anterior means your front top teeth sit behind your front bottom teeth, somewhat like an underbite. In the posterior type, your jaws close with these top teeth in front of the lower ones.

The Top Crossbite Correction Services in the Heights

When you visit Lovett Dental Heights, you will have access to a complete, multi-disciplinary team of dentists and specialists. Our dental professionals provide the following services:

Visiting our orthodontist starts you or your child on the path toward a healthier, more attractive, and properly aligned smile. When you need orthodontics to treat your bite problems, our team can help. All our services take place in the same office.

Common treatments for this type of bite problem include braces, a palate expander, a maxillary expander, or oral surgery to correct the problem. Some people require multiple types of treatment for the best results.

Not treating your bite only leads to bigger dental health problems. You or your child can suffer unhealthy wear and tear on your gums. You can also suffer tooth pain, tissue pain, tooth decay, broken teeth, and jaw pain. Other problems include improper jaw growth, joint problems, and asymmetry of the face.

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When you visit Lovett Dental Heights, you will receive the highest quality of dental care for yourself and your growing family. These services include bite correction for crossbites. But they also include a broad range of other services and treatments, such as:

  • Implant-supported dentures for patients who need dentures
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  • High-end cosmetic dentistry
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For the routine dental care and treatment you and your child need, schedule your visit with Lovett Dental Heights. After all, the key to keeping your teeth and gums healthy starts by receiving consistent dental care from an experienced dentist. Contact Lovett Dental Heights at 832.780.4573 to get your dental health on the right track for a lifetime of attractive smiles and a strong bite.